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If you wish to contact me then just email me at
Alternately you can slide into my dm's on instagram @_monochromedaisies

I am a PR friendly blogger and I would be more than happy to review products unless they are unsuitable for my blog/I don't like them. If you are a brand or company willing to work with me then please email me so I can send my full media kit which includes a brief background on what my blog is, some previous brand collaborations and a few key statistics which are recorded as of September 2017 but will obviously fluctuate in the near future.

At the moment (24/02/2018) I have 304 followers on Bloglovin and get on average 500+ page views a day.

If you're a fellow blogger and would like to collaborate then please do send me an email! 

Any sponsored posts will be marked with an asterisk (*) to signify that it is paid work. I will not collaborate with a brand unless I believe it is suited for my audience, blog niche and I.


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