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I'm a 16 year old girl living in London, currently studying 4 a-levels which are: Biology, History, English Literature and Spanish.  

"In pursuit of making my (quote on quote) artsy, albeit slightly pretentious posts, a lot of things get scrapped. I will regularly have posts that have this 'scrapped' content' therefore do not expect overly uniform fashion and lifestyle themed posts all the time. Maybe I'll surprise you ;)

Likes: hot weather, the beach, dank memes, home, shiba inu dogs, sticky toffee pudding, green thai curry noodles, coconut oil, hair products, liquid highlight, honey g, carmex

Dislikes: pretentious people, red meat, loud chewers, biochemistry, copper/rose gold, when my mum comes home and starts shouting to display her presence

A quote I like to live by: "I've got 4 GCSEs mate I'm not silly" 
                                         (jk I do have GCSEs, check out my 'gcse results post') 

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*I like to say I post every Friday, but I'm stupid and forget the days of the week and post on the wrong day*

Dalal <3

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